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In Canada:

CCPI and CWP file Motion to intervene at Supreme Court on Discrimination because of Social Condition.

SRAC Brd Member Leilani Farha appointed Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing

8 interveners file submissions in Charter Challenge to Inaction on Homelessnes

Factum of Charter Committee

Factum of AI & ESCR-Net

Come to the hearing at Ontario Court of Appeal May 26-28th.

Migrants' Access to Healthcare (IFHP): Petition Filed at the UN Human Rights Committee

Nell Toussaint v Canada HRC No 2348-2014

New Book co-edited by Martha Jackman and Bruce Porter

Advancing Social Rights in Canada

Social Rights in South Africa and Canada

A Conversation with SCC Justice Zak Yacoob.

Supreme Court Denies Leave in Challenge to Refusal to Waive Fees for Poor People

Toussaint v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Application for Leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada

Rights-Based National Housing and Anti-Poverty strategies

Bill C-400 model housing strategy legislation defeated by the Conservative majority.

Designing and Implementing Rights-Based Strategies to Address Poverty and Homelessness in Ontario

Strategies to Address Homelessness and Poverty in Canada: the Constitutional Framework

 International Human Rights and Strategies to Address Homelessness and Poverty in Canada: Making the Connection

In Ontario

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Social Rights Ontario

Amendments Rejected to Ontario's Bill 140. See the key right to housing amendments 

Letter from Miloon Kothari

SRAC Written Presentation and Oral Presentation


Celebrate the First Anniversary

Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural

Justice Now: Ratify to Protect All Human Rights

First anniversary of OP-ICESCR coming into Force

See the list of Signatories and Ratifications of the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR

Toolkit for Action for the OP-ICESR

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4

Advancing Strategic Litigation of ESCR under the OP-ICESCR. Read More on Strategic Litigation Initiative

Advancing ESC rights in Mongolia and China

See the Background Paper on Strategic Litigation under the OP-ICESCR

Enforcement of ESCR Remedies

Bruce Porter Oral Presentations on Enforcement of ESCR Remedies

New Publications

Bruce Porter, The Reasonableness Of Article 8(4) – Adjudicating Claims From The Margins,' Nordic Journal of Human Rights (NJHR), Vol. 27, No.1:2009.


Bruce Porter & Leilani Farha, “Reaffirming Canada’s Commitments to Human Rights”, Poverty and Parliament (Spring 2009).

From the Archives

Bruce Porter, Human Rights and the Right to Housing in Housing - A Right, a publication to coincide with an exhibition at the Power Plant Gallery on homelessness and the right to housing. Now Magazine, Toronto, 1989.

See Further publications

Litigation Support: Gunther, Krena, Toussaint

Challenge to Refusal to Waive Fees for Poor People Applying for Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration

SRAC recently supported CCPI and several rights claimants in an historic challenge to the refusal of the Federal Government to provide for a waiver of fees for Humanitarian and Compassionate Review under the Immigration Act for those who live in poverty.

Justice Snider of the Federal Court, dismissed the applications, finding two of the applications moot, and dismissing the application of Nell Toussaint.  The applicants expect to appeal.

CCPI Memorandum of Argument for Application to Intervene

Decision on Intervention Application

CCPI Memorandum of Argument

Applicants' Expert Evidence

Gunther v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) (2009 FC 875)

Krena v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) (2009 FC 874)

Toussaint v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) (2009 FC 873)