Promoting and claiming social and economic rights through an inclusive human rights practice

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Nell Toussaint Responds to Canada re access to health care for irregular migrants. Gets support from Amnesty International and ESCR-Net

Joint Submissions of SRAC with ESCR-Net and Global Initiaitve for ESC Rights for Human Rights Committee Discussion of New General Comment 36 on the Right to Life

Joint Report from SRAC, ESCR-Net and CCPI for Periodic Review of Canada focusing on Access to Justice for Migrants and Homeless in Canada

Migrants' Access to Healthcare: Petition to tUN Human Rights Committee. Nell Toussaint v Canada HRC No 2348-2014 to be considered on merits. See Response to Canada's Submissions on Admissibility

Application for Leave to Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada denied in Tanudjaja (Homeless peoples' rights to life, security and equality) Affidavit of Bruce Porter
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Charter Committee on Poverty Issues jointly with the Canadian Health Coalition and ESCR-Net jointly with Amnesty International apply to Intervene in Refugee Health Care Case at Federal Court of Appeal. See CCPI-CHC Written Representations and ESCR-Net/AI Written Submissions

New Book. Martha Jackman & Bruce Porter (eds)  Advancing Social Rights in Canada now published and available at Irwin Law.

SRAC-CCPI Make Submission to CESCR on Right to Effective Remedies in Canada.

SRAC presents at OHCHR Side Event on ESC rights of Migrants in an Irregular Situation

Amicus Brief Filed by ESCR-Net in Detroit Water Cut-off Case. Press Release

Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing Leilani Farha presents Thematic Report to UN General Assembly.

Advancing Strategic Litigation of ESCR under the OP-ICESCR. Read More on Strategic Litigation Initiative

OP-ICESCR gets more ratifications

See the ESCR Case Law Database

and the Toolkit for Action for the OP-ICESR

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4

CCPI and CWP file Motion to intervene at Supreme Court on Discrimination because of Povwerty/Social Condition.

Supreme Court Denies Leave in Challenge to Refusal to Waive Fees for Poor People

Toussaint v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Application for Leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada

Rights-Based National Housing and Anti-Poverty strategies

Bill C-400 model housing strategy legislation defeated by the Conservative majority.

Strategies to Address Homelessness and Poverty in Canada: the Constitutional Framework

 International Human Rights and Strategies to Address Homelessness and Poverty in Canada: Making the Connection


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New Publications

Martha Jackman and Bruce Porter (eds)  Advancing Social Rights in Canada (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2014)

Helena Alviar García, Karl Klare and Lucy Williams (eds), Social and Economic Rights in Theory and Practice: Critical Inquiries (London and New York: Routledge, 2015)

 Bruce Porter, Inclusive Interpretations: Social Rights and Judicial Accountability 

From the Archives

Bruce Porter, Human Rights and the Right to Housing in Housing - A Right, a publication to coincide with an exhibition at the Power Plant Gallery on homelessness and the right to housing. Now Magazine, Toronto, 1989.

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See SRAC Publications

See the Social Rights Community-University Research Alliance co-directed by SRAC.

See ESCR-Net's Case Law Database on Social Rights.

SRAC provides important research into social rights, based on a participatory research model and extensive consultation with affected communities. SRAC board members are active in SRAC research projects and oversee the direction of SRAC research. SRAC also relies on an extensive network of academic researchers and practitioners from across Canada and around the world for assistance and consultion in its research initiatives. Its innovative research model bridges academic and community and domestic and international research.

SRAC's research focuses on enhancing social rights accountability mechanisms at the local, provincial, national and international levels, providing research and organizational support for community organizations to develop capacity in social rights practice, and compiling and analysing emerging case law, including pleadings and strategic approaches used in this area. Through funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - Community University Research Alliance (CURA), SRAC provides part-time funding for its Executive Director to co-direct the Social Rights Accountabilitiy Project. That research has been unanimously judged by a Mid-term Adjudication Committee for the Social Sciences and the Humanities Research Council as “among the best ones reviewed.” Many recent developments in the area of social rights countability , both in Canada and internationally, were supported by research and action initiated under the project. The project has been presented to international visitors as exemplary of the principles behind, and the effectiveness of, the CURA model.

Some of the research outcomes of the SRAP at


Current areas of research include:

  • International Adjudication Under the New OP-ICESCR. Strategies and Challenges.

  • The right to life and access to healthcare
  • The reasonableness standard of review of positive measures - toward a convergence of disability rights, reasonable limits (s.1), international human rights norms and administrative law.

  • Justiciability of obligations regarding progressive realizaiton

  • Immigration Status and Homelessness as Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination in Domestic and International law
  • Litigating Disability Social Rights