Promoting and claiming social and economic rights through an inclusive human rights practice


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The Toussaint case on right to life of irregular migrants and healthcare

The Tanudjaja Charter challenge to the failure to address homelessness

The National Housing Strategy Act and the right to housing in Canada

The 2019 Toronto Housing Charter and its Implementation Plan

Charter Committee on Poverty Issues Interventions

Social Rights In Canada Community-University Research Project


What's New

CCPI/CHC/FCJRC and AI/ESCR-Net file facta in Toussaint v Canada

Presentations to Dept of Justice and OGD on National Housing Strategy Act with NRHN and WNHHN

The progressive realization of the right to housing: Paper prepared for the National Housing Council

Three papers on implementing the right to housing under the National Housing Strategy Act

Co-ordinated Legal Action to challenge Canada and other States obstructing #TRIPS Waiver at the #WTO! Letter to Minister NG

CERA and National Right to Housing Network Make first SUBMISSION under the National Housing Strategy Act.

Charities liberated to engage in public policy after groundbreaking decn of Justice Ed Morgan in Canada Without Poverty v Canada

New Publications

Bruce Porter, La interdependencia de · los derechos humanos in Derechos sociales y el momento constituyente de Chile: Perspectivas globales y locales para el debate constitucional (Distrito Global, 2021)

Jackie Dugard, Franziska Sucker & Bruce Porter & Jamie Burton, Supporting the TRIPS COVID-19 waiver is an essential step to support international human rights (Open Global Rights, 2021)

Bruce Porter, Implementing the Right to Adequate Housing Under the National Housing Strategy Act: The International Human Rights Framework (2021) (en francais)

Jackie Dugard, Bruce Porter, Daniela Ikawa and Lilian Chenwi (eds) Research Handbook on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as Human Rights

Elizabeth McIsaac and Bruce Porter "Housing Rights: Ottawa takes an historic step forward"Literary Review of Canada,(November, 2019)

Martha Jackman & Bruce Porter "Social and Economic Rights" in P. Oliver, P. Macklem and N. Des Rosiers, The Oxford Handbook of the Canadian Constitution (New York, Oxford Univesity Press, 2017) at pp 843-866.

Martha Jackman and Bruce Porter (eds)  Advancing Social Rights in Canada (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2014)

From the Archives

1992 Alternative Social Charter 

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Judicial and Legal Education

SRAC has conducted extensive judicial and legal education both throughout Canada and around the world.

Bruce Porter "Justiciability of ESC Rights and The Right to Effective Remedies: Historic Challenges and New Opportunities" (Paper commissioned by the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights, publication in China forthcoming from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Chinese Translation

Materials for judges and legal advocates:

View Bruce Porter's keynote address to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice Spring Seminar, May 2004.

View the list of relevant cases and materials prepared for Superior Court Judges Social Context Education on Poverty

View "Toward a Comprehensive Framework for ESC Rights Practice" by Bruce Porter.

Canadian ESC Rights Case Index

The Right to an Effective Remedy in International Law (Power Point)

Claiming Social and Economic Rights in Canada (Power Point)

Download "Socio-Economic Rights in a Domestic Charter of Rights: A Canadian Perspective"(2006) by Bruce Porter.

Download "The Justiciability of Social and Economic Rights: An Updated Appraisal" by Bruce Porter and Aoife Nolan in the January 2006 edition of Just News.

The Optional Protocol to the ICESCR - What's at stake? an article by Bruce Porter of SRAC on the need for a complaints procedure under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

View the text of the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR as adopted by the UN Human Rights Council.